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Christmas in Malaysia

I’m often asked about Christmas in Malaysia and what it’s like to experience Christmas in the tropics. Without a doubt it's a special time of year and December and January are the busiest social months of the year—for expats and Malaysians alike...

Romance And Good Food in Old Saigon

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had heard good things. “I could easily live in Saigon”, my friend Neil had told me after his visit. It’s called Ho Chi Minh City these days, and it’s one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting and interesting cities, with thousands of expats of all ages discovering its distinctive neighbourhoods. In the last year cafes and restaurants have opened all over the city. Just as Vietnam is opening up and welcoming foreigners...

Low-Cost Luxury on an Island Paradise

As a soft breeze gently moves the palms around me, I gaze out across a sea of green, perfectly-kept lawn tennis courts. In the distance, where the grass courts end and the playing field begins, there’s an early morning cricket match kicking off—a gentle reminder of this tropical island’s rich colonial history...
Penang, Malaysia

5 Things That Still Make me Smile in Penang, Malaysia

After living in Penang for over six years you’d think that I might be a little blasé about everything that blew me away when I first arrived. But that’s not the case. Things that pleasantly surprised me then, still manage to make me smile now. And when they happen I remember why I moved here. Here are five reasons I’m still happy I live in Penang.