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Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Top 7 Expat Activities in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Living in the tropics is a dream for many and Chiang Mai, Thailand, is still a popular destination for those seeking a year-round hot climate, along with a low cost of living. Although far from any white sandy beaches, Chiang Mai still has plenty of activities to keep you busy, both in the city and the surrounding countryside. Here are a few of the popular activities that you can enjoy while living in this tropical paradise.
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Thailand: The Land Of Festivals

Thailand really is the land of festivals. There seems to be a different major holiday every month. And Chiang Mai is the place to celebrate most of them. For some reason, tourists gravitate to this part of the country by the thousands to partake in everything from Songkran to the Lantern Festival.
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Why I Chose Low-Cost Thailand

An inexpensive cost of living, tropical sunshine, white sandy beaches and friendly people…everyone has their reasons for moving to Thailand. For my wife Nancy and I, retiring here a couple of years ago was a no-brainer. I had just finished off my teaching career with a six-year stint at a large international school in China. Southeast Asia was a lot closer, hotter and less expensive than Canada, my home country. But the largest draw for us was the high-quality urban lifestyle available at low prices.

Rent from $560 a Month in This Thai Beach Town

New condo complexes and housing developments are springing up within a 16-kilometre radius, hand-in-hand with a burgeoning infrastructure of new malls, international restaurants and tourist attractions, which were much more difficult to find just a few years ago. Because it is a bustling seaside town, seafood is affordable and plentiful, and public transport is cheap.
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From Darwin To Low-Cost Chiang Mai, Thailand

It was Paul who encouraged his wife to return to her homeland of Thailand to retire. “Chiang Mai is very easy-going,” says Paul. “Other things that make it a great place to live are the good road system and relatively inexpensive cost of living. You can go to Chiang Rai, Phayao, Lampang…there’s just so many places that are easy to get to for short visits or overnight trips. It’s also a cheap flight to Bangkok (about $70 one-way) or a nice train trip that we have done a few times.”