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A Freer, Better Life For $1,800 a Month

“I have always been an adventurer and travelling has long been one of the things I like to do best,” says Kelly Williams. “This led me to a love affair with Southeast Asia, which I have toured extensively during the past five years, and when I sensed the opportunity to move to Cambodia I just knew I had to do it.”
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Retirement With Life’s Little Luxuries In Cambodia For $1,400 A Month

“I was a workaholic,” Bob Coleman says. “Then one day I thought of all the places I hadn’t seen and I decided right there and then that something had to change.” At age 55, Bob started his international travels in Southeast Asia, visiting Penang, Malaysia and the Thai capital, Bangkok. “After a few trips I realised retirement could set me free; that I didn’t have to limit myself to one location for the rest of my life.”
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Rent from $270 a Month in Cambodia

Tourists and friends often ask me what is it that makes Cambodia so attractive to the many expats like me who have relocated here. Usually I answer this question in two ways: Firstly, I have a great love for the Kingdom of Cambodia, there’s a sense that anything can happen here and the best things in Phnom Penh are free. The beautiful scenic backdrops of the wide Parisian, tree-lined boulevards, the water and light displays that take place nightly at Independence Monument, a stroll down the picturesque Riverside, through the city’s parks and temples, encountering friendly local faces at every turn.