Tall street lamps with hanging lanterns light up the Santo Domingo square in Oaxaca, south-east Mexico. Home to Mexico’s most vibrant art and crafts scene, some outstandingly colourful festivals and diverse natural riches, this is where my wife, Erica, and I currently call home. Before Mexico, our home was in a variety of different destinations including Malaysia, Costa Rica and more…
Have you ever dreamed about staying in one of those exotic over-water bungalows? In the South Pacific island of Bora Bora, my expansive, luxurious hut was on stilts over a crystal aqua lagoon looking across to the volcano on the mainland.
Residents of Playa enjoy the recreational benefits of an offshore reef, which extends the entire length of Mexico’s Caribbean coast and beyond, providing the perfect backdrop for boating, fishing, scuba and snorkelling year-round. “The water is 20 different shades of brilliant blue and turquoise and so clear you can see a turtle swimming 60 metres away,” says Gary.
For now, I've based myself in Medellin, Colombia. I wake up every morning and enjoy a morning cup of coffee and the spectacular views of the Andes Mountains from my balcony. Then I decide what I want to do for the day: work on a copywriting project, play golf or hang out with friends. The most important thing to me is that I make the choice about how to spend my day...not some stupid boss.