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My Favourite Way to Spend a Day in Paris

I love living in Paris, but with so much going on in the ‘City of Light’ it’s easy to get caught up in the crazy pace of life and take the city’s wonders for granted. So, whenever I have a free moment, I make sure to spend it savouring the best of Paris...

Healthy Living in English-Speaking Malta

The Mediterranean island of Malta has no shortage of charms, from its stunning architecture and landscapes to the glittering green-blue sea that surrounds it. But if you’re looking for a European retirement destination that offers healthy living with an outdoor-oriented lifestyle, then this tiny country might have just what you’re looking for...

Annecy: Snow-Capped Mountains and a Fairytale Town

The Brothers Grimm themselves could not have dreamed up a more exquisite fairytale town than Annecy. Set in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alps region in southeastern France, the small medieval town is all cobblestone streets, graceful bridges arching over flower-decked canals, and bustling food markets filled with woven basket-carrying locals. A stunning 15th-century turreted castle and snowcapped mountains sit majestically in the background.
carcassonne, france

Blissful Country Living in The South of France

“The Impressionists painted here for a reason,” says Ira Faro of his new home in the southern French region of Languedoc-Roussillon. “The feel of the place is very powerful… It’s as though the light is shining from everything. Every day there’s a different flower blooming, the sky looks different. You don’t have to fill yourself with external stimuli. You get involved with everything around you.”...

5 Reasons to Retire in Malta

The tiny five-island archipelago of Malta is an increasingly sought-after retirement destination among expats these days—and it’s no surprise why. Situated just 160 kilometres south of Sicily, the Mediterranean island offers an incredible charm, from its crystal-clear aquamarine waters to its stunning historic cities. But its aesthetic appeal is just the start.