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Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh: The Friendliest City in Malaysia

A huge clap of thunder. And then the rain... It was my first day in the city of Ipoh, Malaysia and I had decided to take a walk into town. Queue an unexpected thunderstorm. Murphy’s Law dictated that no taxi was in sight. So there I was, standing under a tin awning outside of a mechanic’s shop when the owner beckoned me inside to wait out the storm.
Bangkok, Thailand

Big-City Adventures in Exotic Bangkok

This week you have been hearing about Thailand from the expats already enjoying life there. On Tuesday I introduced you to Derek Workman who took you on a tour of his life in the low-cost northern university city of Chiang Mai where his total monthly budget is just $706. And on Thursday our Thailand Correspondent, Steve LePoidevin, revealed that you can rent on the island of Samui for as little as $300 a month. (And you can get everything he knows about Thailand right here. But what about Bangkok?