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Ecuador, Moving Overseas

Create Awe-Inspiring Memories When You Move Overseas

The dense jungle thinned a little as I approached the first river. I shifted into a lower gear and locked my rugged, 30-year-old Daihatsu into four-wheel drive. The rutted, muddy trail fought to yank the steering wheel from my grasp as I pitched and rolled my way up the slippery incline. I could feel the front tires digging and clawing through the muck as a soft rain fell...
playa del carmen

“Spectacular Beaches, Warm Waters and No Worries”

Residents of Playa enjoy the recreational benefits of an offshore reef, which extends the entire length of Mexico’s Caribbean coast and beyond, providing the perfect backdrop for boating, fishing, scuba and snorkelling year-round. “The water is 20 different shades of brilliant blue and turquoise and so clear you can see a turtle swimming 60 metres away,” says Gary.