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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Safest Country in Southeast Asia?

My day began in Little India, peering in doorways of crumbling colonial shophouses at sari sellers and stopping for a coffee at the Coliseum Hotel, where Somerset Maugham used to drink. Moving on through Merdeka Square, colonial heart of the city, I found the daily market in Chinatown, where, after some five-flower tea and curry potato puffs, I strolled into the Golden Triangle.
Cebu, Philippines

Feeling Younger and Healthier in Low-Cost Philippines

Michael and his wife Barbara moved to the city of Cebu on the Philippine island of the same name eight years ago and have never looked back. “We actually feel younger. My kids are amazed at the transformation in me,” says Michael. “We came here thinking we would quietly and warmly head “into the sunset”. We very quickly found that we were actually heading “into the sunshine”.

Your Very Own Overseas Adventure

I recently read how people in China are hiring strippers to attract mourners to funerals. Apparently the bigger the crowd, the more honoured the deceased. I do enjoy these stories. But don’t picture me surfing oddball websites. I don’t seek them out. It’s the IL editors and correspondents. They find these nuggets as they scout the world. And they fire them at me along with all the practical advice and new discoveries they make.