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Panama City, Panama

Monkeys, Rainforests and WiFi…Welcome to Panama City

A capuchin monkey is in a tree just a few steps from where I sit. I stay still for as long as I can—I’m enjoying looking at him and don’t want to scare him away. Surrounded by lush rainforest, I could almost forget that I’m in Panama City. But I am hooked into WiFi in a cafe and—now that the monkey has scarpered—I’m tapping away on my laptop...

How One Expat Found a New Lease of Life in the Philippines

“Sundays begin with family. They arrive early and, before long, we’re on our way to the beach. We swim, eat, swim…and eat again. It’s a pleasure watching people enjoy the simple things,” says expat Paul Whiteway. “The perfect Sunday ends with music. Like a lot of local households, ours wouldn’t be complete without karaoke. The more we drink, the louder we sing.”