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Travel-Rich Life

A Travel-Rich Life and Money in the Bank

I love being able to travel wherever and whenever I like, for as long as I like. And these days I can, thanks to copywriting. Put simply, I write compelling stories and articles for businesses. It’s flexible and fun and it’s been paying the way for my overseas adventures for years now...

How I Made $2,500 on a Five-Week Trip to Argentina

I live in Brisbane but I love travelling overseas and spending time ‘living like a local’ in fascinating foreign cities. This year I took off to Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city, for five weeks. I’m able to do this thanks to my career as a freelance writer. It means I can make money from just about anywhere on earth that has affordable accommodation and reliable WiFi...
Lake Bled, Copywriting

The One Skill That Can Change Your Life

This past year was my most profitable ever as a globetrotting writer…and it’s been a lot of fun too. I spent long summer days in Portugal, Spain and Italy, played digital nomad for five weeks in Cordoba, Argentina and explored Bolivian jungles. A little closer to my home in Brisbane, I swam with manta rays on the Great Barrier Reef and drove all around Tasmania...