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A Sunrise Fishing Adventure in Hidden Bali

The landscape changed as we made our way across Bali. Busy roads became coastal paths, leafy lanes gave way to glimpses of Mount Agung’s peak, green rolling hills were interrupted by even more vibrant rice paddies. And then, three hours after leaving the bustling beaches and bars of Seminyak, Amed came into view...
Penang, Malaysia

Why I Love Mondays in Malaysia

I used to hate Mondays. I would dread waking up at the crack of dawn on Monday mornings, dragging myself to the gym and staring down the barrel of another grueling week at work. But since moving to Penang, Malaysia, I look forward to my new Monday morning ritual. I wake up as the sun is rising, jump on my bike and set off for a ride...
krabi, thailand

Championship Golf Courses and Lower Costs in Krabi, Thailand

Famous for dense mangrove forests, sheer limestone cliffs and hundreds of amazing islands that appear as if dropped into the ocean from somewhere else, Krabi, on the southern part of Thailand’s west coast across from the island of Phuket, is where many movies were filmed—think James Bond’s, Man with the Golden Gun and Leonardo DiCaprio’s, The Beach. In 2013 Kim Shield’s brother invited her and her husband, Michael, to Krabi to look at the house he was building there. And it was while exploring the area with their family, they noticed how much the area had to offer.
Penang, Malaysia

The Best Thing About Malaysian Markets

I do much of my shopping in my local wet market in Pilau Tikus on Penang Island. A “wet market” sells fresh produce and since my wife Kirsten and I moved to Penang, I have had the time to enjoy my local market and get to know the colourful cast of characters that provide our food. One of my favourite things about island living is that the pace of life is slower, so you have the time to get to know and appreciate the people around you.