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Northern Thailand

A Road Trip Through Northern Thailand

My husband Alan and I made the move from Brisbane to Chiang Mai over a year ago. We’re trying out Thailand’s “Rose of The North” as a retirement destination and, as we’re discovering, one of the great things about living here is having the opportunity to explore this beautiful and exotic region.

A Home in Thailand: Rent $900 a Month

My husband Alan and I were both in our 50s when we made the decision to move to Chiang Mai for six months to see if life overseas was for us. We were in search of more adventures and a lower cost of living—and having kissed goodbye to life in Brisbane we found both here in Thailand’s “Rose of The North”...
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Counting the Cost at Home and Away

My husband Alan and I moved from Brisbane to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to try it out as an overseas retirement destination. The plan was to stay for six months to see if life here suited us. We’ve been here over a year now so it’s safe to say it certainly does...