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Things For Expats To Do in Cambodia

7 Things For Expats To Do in Cambodia

Starting a new life in Cambodia as an expat can be a fantastic journey with all kinds of fun to be had. In the initial arrival period you will likely spend most of your time getting used to the culture, acclimatising to the weather and finding a nice place to call home...
Moving to Cambodia

Why Moving to Cambodia Was My Greatest Decision

An airport can tell you a lot about a place. Your plane lands safely and on time, everything goes smoothly as you pass through immigration with a minimum of fuss before breezing past a couple of friendly Customs officials who go out of their way to welcome you to their country.

My Top 3 Towns on Cambodia’s “Lost Riviera”

A cool ocean breeze on white-sand beaches…crimson sunsets and unspoiled islands… If you visited Cambodia’s southwestern coast in the 1960s you would have savoured those things and—if you knew the right people—you could have attended glitzy parties, sipped champagne and maybe even mingled with royalty and Hollywood stars...