A huge clap of thunder. And then the rain... It was my first day in the city of Ipoh, Malaysia and I had decided to take a walk into town. Queue an unexpected thunderstorm. Murphy’s Law dictated that no taxi was in sight. So there I was, standing under a tin awning outside of a mechanic’s shop when the owner beckoned me inside to wait out the storm.
I have a smartphone but it works differently for me here. In Sydney, it was a hip thing to have, and if I didn’t answer emails a nanosecond after receiving them I would get a call asking me why. Here, my phone is a device that connects me to people. Likeminded people who moved to Malaysia for the same reasons I did. And it doesn’t matter that I don’t have the latest phone or that I answer emails a day or two after they are received.
Thomas O’Neal had never been to Malaysia. In fact he hadn’t been anywhere in Asia, which made his sudden decision to move to the tropical island of Penang a brave one. Thomas has also found that Penang is a great place if you like the outdoors, walking, hiking, trekking or biking. “I plan on losing a few pounds here too, and I’m working on my tan as we speak.