Imagine you are on the coast of Ecuador, taking in the sweeping ocean view, the comfortable year-round temperatures, and relaxing in the quiet stillness of an area that isn’t overrun with traffic and noise... You open your laptop to spend several hours “working” on an interesting assignment... When you feel like you’ve done enough for the day, you press a few more buttons, and close it out. Within a few hours, a payment for your work drops into your bank account, ready to be withdrawn at the ATM.
Retirement had kind of taken us by surprise. The “economic tsunami of 2008” slapped us pretty hard, so retirement had arrived sooner than expected. Still, we had for years been envisioning what it would look like: a life where we were free to pursue the activities and interests we wanted to, and not be held hostage by busy careers and hectic schedules. Honestly, though, the small colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador, was not part of that vision.